Serendipity Goatmilk Soap

Serendipity Coffee Face and Body Scrub

Serendipity has put “just” the right amount of each ingredients below so they don’t fight with each other they work together.

Coffee Body Scrub 25-G TUB $25.00

This is the first scrub Serendipity ever made, even with the other scrubs we make this coffee scrub has remained our #1. It’s ready to weave it’s magic on acne, scars, cellulite and even stretch marks. My blend of coffee, Organic Robusta Coffee Grounds, Dead Sea Salt and Brown Sugar along with super rich antioxidant oils keep your skin looking perky, even and soft. Time to give your body a magical scrub.


Organic Robusta Coffee Grounds

We select the finest Organic Robusta Coffee Beans ground them down until we have the perfect grade of ground coffee to use in our body scrubs. The high caffeine content in our Robusta beans helps to dehydrate fat cells beneath the skin, leaving you with firmer, tighter, revitalized skin.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt gives our scrubs their naturally gritty feel, perfect for exfoliating away dead and old flaky skin to reveal a fresh new flawless layer of skin beneath and protect against damaging free radicals whilst also acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory (inflammation is one of leading causes of skin-ageing).

Brown Sugar and Dead Sea Salt

Sugar is a prebiotic. This means that the sugar will take care of the skin’s own bacteria. When the skin’s own bacteria is getting stronger, the skin is rich in lactic acid. Lactic acid is a metabolic product of bacteria. It belongs to normal skin. Lactic acid keeps the skin well acidified.
Therefore, being a probiotic is the most important feature of sugar in skin care.
Serendipity uses Dead Sea Salt as well as brown sugar because both of these ingredients contain natural minerals and acids that fight off nasty bacteria and are beneficial for your skin.